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I am Darby Raul and I love to travel, I love all sorts of people (the weirder the better), I love to sing, I am addicted to Netflix Orginal Series and I am a geek.

As an intro, I would like to share with you one of my favorite travel stories:

While waiting for my departure time in Vietnam, I sat down at the front porch of my hostel in the Old Quarters. I was mulling over the fun and tiring 4-day trip while memorizing the actual and usual scene in front of me: the vendors wearing Non La (Vietnamese hat) while packing up their merchandise after a hard days work; mothers walking along with their children in school uniforms; and the countless motorcycles passing by the front porch. This is very different from my hometown in the Philippines. I wanted to draw the scene on my sketchpad but I also realize that night that I suck in sketching.

I can also smell the burning incense of the Buddhist altar of the family run hostel where I stayed for 3 nights. Chien, the head of the family was a tall guy approached me and brought me a glass of cold Vietnamese tea (for free), my last tea in the Country. The bittersweet tea suddenly gave me an idea. I have decided to see the Hoan Kiem lake at night for the last time. I asked Chien, the hostel owner if I can rent a motorbike somewhere in the area but he volunteered his motorbike (for free). He also asked Quynh and Bibi, his 1 year old son to join me on my last 15 minutes in the country.

After some preparations, we took the motorbike and used the helmets. Quynh drove the bike, Bibi sat in the middle and I sat at the back and ensured that the kid was safe. After the 15-minute ride under the fresh autumn air and the serene night scene in Hanoi, we got back at the hotel. Bibi fell asleep in my arms during the trip.

It was a simple experience but it was the time when I realized that the best things in life are really for free. The simple things are actually the things you want to embrace.


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1. I live in tiny apartment and finally left home to live a semi-independent life.
2. I am a business counselor under the Philippine Government and I promote Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. It is also my personal advocacy to support local entrepreneurs.
3. I am a soon-to-be full fledged vegetarian. I stopped eating 4 legged creatures a year ago. I am planning to kick poultry out of my plate in September.